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WICED Studio Wi-Fi Combo


WICED SDK 3.7.0-7 IDE Installer

WICED SDK 3.7.0-7 .7z Source files

Changes for WICED-SDK 3.7.0-7
* Libraries, Protocols, Drivers
  * Homekit
   * BLE tunneling - Resolved issue with HTTP disconnection handling

Changes for WICED-SDK 3.7.0-6
* Libraries, Protocols, Drivers
  * Homekit
   * BLE tunneling - Added support to dynamically configure GATT MTU for better interoperability

Changes for WICED-SDK 3.7.0-5
* Applications
* OTA2 stability fixes
* Updated service discovery snippet app to demonstrate mDNS service discovery
* Libraries, Protocols, Drivers
  * Homekit
   * Stability fixes to BLE tunneling
   * WAC improvements
   * Resolved self-certification failures related to TLV error codes
  * Resolved memory leaks with BESL and HTTP libraries
  * Resolved issues associated with multiple connections/data transfer with DTLS server

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