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WICED Studio Wi-Fi Combo

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Is there a way to increase the number of threads that ThreadX can create? The last wiced_rtos_create_worker_thread call that I make returns a failure, which indicates to me that I have one thread more than ThreadX is willing to support.

On a related note, it appears that wiced_tls_init_root_ca_certificates creates a thread for EVERY CERTIFICATE in the chain. When I only give it one certificate, all of my threads get created, but when I give it two certificates, one thread fails. When I give it three certificates, two threads fail. Is this intended (and if so, why?)

I am using SDK 3.1.2 and an ISM43362 module.

If it helps, this is the code that defines my cert chain:

static const char rest_ca_certificate[] =

    "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\n"\


    "-----END CERTIFICATE-----\n"\

    "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\n"\


    "-----END CERTIFICATE-----\n";

    result = wiced_tls_init_root_ca_certificates( rest_ca_certificate );

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Hello Bshaya,

I belive this issue is because you are using multiple certificates. I think does not support multiple Certificates.


Rashi Jain