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USB Superspeed Peripherals

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Is it possible to have AUTO_SIGNAL or AUTO DMA channels for multiple endpoint OUT (data coming from USB port) to one PIB (GPIF-II) socket but the data buffer is NOT interleaved?


I have FX3 GPIF-II attached to FPGA (FX3 is slave, FPGA is master interface) and I am using slave fifo firmware example. 


What I want to do is to map several EP-OUT to one PIB socket because I need several of the same data paths from an EP-OUT to GPIF socket. But I want to have 1 dedicated DMA ready flag and 1 dedicated DMA partial flag (not any current thread flag) just like in the slave fifo example.


What I am planning to do is to create several, lets say 2 AUTO DMA channels, one with producer socket is EP1 and consumer socket is PIB socket 0, the other channel is with producer socket is EP2 and consumer socket is PIB socket 0 also.


At first I think this is fine but I am really doubting this..


Any help would be appreciated..




Regards 🙂

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 Hi A.K,


It is not possible to have 2 One to One DMA Channels that have same consumer.


Having auto many to one channels will result in interleaving, which you do not favour.


However, you can have a 2 Manual IN Channels: EP1 -> CPU_CONS; EP2 -CPU_CONS and the one Manual Out channel from CPU_PROD to PIB_SOCKET_0.




- Madhu Sudhan