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USB Superspeed Peripherals

New Contributor

Hi all,


I modified the USB descriptors of my project in order to have 2 Alternate setting into the Standard High Speed Configuration Descriptor. The 2 Alternate Setting Index are 0 and 1 (obviously).


If I try to open the device (in USB2.0 mode, since the Alternate Setting is not present in USB3.0 descriptor) with Alternate Setting Index 0 all is fine, if I try Alternate Setting Index 1 the device stalls the request. I'm reasonably sure that the descriptor is correct.


I don't know if I miss something in the code, since I based my code on an application note that have only one Alternate Setting.


Can someone point me to a sample code where multiple alternate settings are managed? I see that all FX3 examples into SDK use only one Alternate Setting...




Thanks a lot!

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The following example projects in FX3 SDK use multiple alternate settings.


Please refer:


basic_examples / cyfxisosrcsink


basic_examples / cyfxisosrc


basic_examples / cyfxisolpmaninout


basic_examples / cyfxisolpauto


uac_examples / cyfxuac


uvc_examples / cyfxuvcinmem




- Madhu Sudhan