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USB Superspeed Peripherals

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My situation: custom FX3 design with boot library, internal core power (not from USB).
I have configured 2 USB bulk endpoints and 2 PPorts (to an FPGA), everything over auto DMA channels. Starting point was the "gpiftousb" example. It is basically in an auto forwarding only mode: EP2 : USB -> FPGA; EP86: FPGA -> USB. Everything works as expected on first enumeration.
I have problems AFTER USB3 cable is disconnected/reconnected. Just to make it clear: all problems below happen only with SS, everything works correctly on HS!


1. From host POV, everything is good; re-enumeration, device is visible in device manager.
2. There is no (disconnect) event visible in UsbEventCallback when removing the cable, why? I don't really need it, but it might be a hint. Additionally, when disconnected the function "CyFx3BootUsbGetSpeed" (polled in the main loop) still returns  CY_FX3_BOOT_SUPER_SPEED  !?
3. After re-connect, no data sent from host (over bulk EP) reaches the DMA!? I enabled a interrupt callback on DMA transfer just to print a message, and it doesn't trigger it.


I have tried everything I could think of:
- a simple vendor command re-initializes everything (DMA, GPIF, etc)
- I bought the SuperSpeed Explorer Kit and modified the power circuit to match my situation; the same problem (I just look for the DMA callback message).
- (re)connecting to USB2 cable works immediately, USB3 still shows the problem. This hints towards the USB3 handling.
- I found that the problem occurs only after first bulk transfer from host. Before doing any transfer, I can disconnect and reconnect several times; the first transfers will work correctly. This hints towards DMA buffer issues, but I did not find any DMA reset other than disabling / enabling it again...


The whole issue seems to be some kind of initialization issue in the boot library.
I am thankfull for any other hints / ideas.



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I tried a lot, and it seems that USB3 block is not working correctly anymore after cable disconnect / reconnect...
I copied the fw file "cyfx3usb.c" in my project and added several debug messages... no hint.
I forced from host via simple vendor command an extra call to CyFx3BootUsbStart (before all other initializations), and it works afterwards.
Then I skipped (inside CyFx3BootUsbStart, via a parameter) only the call to CyFx3UsbPowerOn; all other initializations are done, and again it doesn't work!
So it seems that whatever the problem is, it can only be solved by CyFx3UsbPowerOn!
I tried to dig deeper, but big surprise, there is NO source code for this function.


Does anyone have any idea??