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I'm currently debugging some audio quality issues our system is having with over A2DP (dropouts, pops, crackles), notably using phones transferring high data rates in the order of 40-50kB/s. Other phones with lower data rates in the order of 30kB/s do not suffer such problems. These figures were measured over the air using a bluetooth analyser.

My question is: what is the best way to configure the A2DP sink on our CYBT343026 in order to eliminate these issues? Currently it is setup like the example code given:

/** A2DP sink configuration data */

wiced_bt_a2dp_config_data_t handsfree_audio_config =


    .feature_mask = 0,                                          /* feature mask */

    .codec_capabilities =


        .count = sizeof(handsfree_audio_codec_capabilities) / sizeof(handsfree_audio_codec_capabilities[0]),

        .info  = handsfree_audio_codec_capabilities,            /* codec configuration */


    .p_param =


        .buf_depth_ms                   = 300,                                          /* in msec */

        .start_buf_depth                = 50,                                           /* start playback percentage of the buffer depth */

        .target_buf_depth               = 50,                                           /* target level percentage of the buffer depth */

        .overrun_control                = WICED_BT_A2DP_SINK_OVERRUN_CONTROL_FLUSH_DATA,/* overrun flow control flag */

        .adj_ppm_max                    = +300,                                         /* Max PPM adjustment value */

        .adj_ppm_min                    = -300,                                         /* Min PPM adjustment value */

        .adj_ppb_per_msec               = 200,                                          /* PPM adjustment per milli second */

        .lvl_correction_threshold_high  = +2000,                                        /* Level correction threshold high value */

        .lvl_correction_threshold_low   = -2000,                                        /* Level correction threshold low value */

        .adj_proportional_gain          = 20,                                           /* Proportional component of total PPM adjustment */

        .adj_integral_gain              = 2,                                            /* Integral component of total PPM adjustment */



Also, is there any way to detect/quantify packet loss, or any general failures with A2DP? Would also appreciate any additional info on the different parameters that can be affected!


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Hi Nick,

The audio dropouts may happen because of a number of reason - peer device being used, test env, rf/board design, etc. The default parameters should work well on most parts.

Could you please get us the over the air logs ?



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