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PSoC 5, 3 & 1

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        Hello *,   
I am new here and new to PSoC from Cypress.   
My enterprise "electronica@tdnet UG" and all of corporated enterprises using exclusively the Linux Operating System and now I like to know, which tools I need to code under Linux without the need to buy usesless proprieatary stuff from Redmond.   
Note: I do NOT use KDE/GNOME or other Desktop Environment. No, no Eclipse or such. Only plain TEXTEDITOR and Debuger and Compiler (I programmed my first 8039 in 1982 by feet using a switchboard for the addresses and data and a button to burn adress after adress)   
Thanks in Advance   
Michelle Konzack   
Owner and Chefdeveloper   
Tamay Dogan Network   
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