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PSoC 5, 3 & 1 MCU

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Not sure this is the place to post this so please move if necessary.  I am working with the above kit and I have a 12v dc adapter powering the kit.  For some reason, when the external power is applied I cannot program the device.  I keep the power button OFF as I have external power, but the software says "Program Requested" and thats as far as it goes. FAIL.  Jst for the sake of 'why not try' I clicked the power button and I got the same result. FAIL.




Now if I disconnect the external power and click the power button the device programs.


How come?




The other reason for the questions is if the PSOC mini programmer must power teh board this cold be a problem for me should I need to update a device in an end product as the USB programmer will not have enough power to run the board, and program the device.




And guidance would be appreciated.





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Hello Jim,


In case the "Programming Mode" is set to "Power Cycle", the programmer will be unable to program the device. Since, it will be unable to acquire or detect the device by turning power off and on. Power cannot be turned off since an external source (12V DC adaptor) is powering the device. If you want to program the device using an external power supply, set the "Programming Mode" to "Reset". In this case, the programmer will detect the device by manipulating the Reset line.


In case, the MiniProg is unable to power the board, kindly do make provisions for supplying external power, and as mentioned above setthe "Programming Mode" to "Reset".


I hope this answers your problem. Do let me know if issue still persists.


Sampath Selvaraj

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I will try this and let you know