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At first I would like to point out that I am a new user to PSoCs and PSoC - creator. 
I am currently working on a project* with 3 PSoCs 4200M. I wish to create communication between 2 broadcasters and 1 Observer. 
I have experimented with Broadcaster and observer from "100 projects in 100 days(Day 9 and 10)", but without luck. 
The problem so far is that I cannot get data from my PSoC to my PRoC in my broadcaster. 


I have tried to implement the UART_BLE_SpiUartPutArray, but it fails to send data. 


In advance thank you, and I hope, that you can help me. 


*Our goal is to create a system with one PSoC measuring speed and distance. Another measuring pulse and SpO2- level. These data I wish to display on a computer screen. 

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Are you sending the data from the "accelerometer" to the "Dynamic Broadcaster" using the UART interfaces? Why not directly broadcast from the accelerometer chip?


Assuming you want the data routing through both chips:


Have you tested to make sure that the UART wakes up the "Dynamic Broadcaster" when it interrupts? I thought that the UART peripheral is asleep when the chip is in deep sleep mode. Try skipping the "EnterLowPowerMode" function and see if that increases functionality 🙂


Another thing to check would be to make sure that the RX of each UART is connected to the TX of the other UART and vice versa.