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I am new to modus toolbox and tried learning how to use it with the youtube tutorial series by cypress but the GUI seems to have changed quite a lot. I cannot find where the design resources are (pins, etc) like in psoc creator.. The peripherals tab is empty

Is there a series of videos for a quick learning curve for the most recent modus toolbox software?

I also have very few code examples for the PSOC6 wifi-BT pioneer ki compared to what was available in the youtube videos. How can I get more examples? I wanted to get an example code for the Oled screen that comes with the kit too.

Thank you!

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Yes, the youtube tutorial series on ModusToolbox is quite old and a lot of changes have happened since then.

We heard you and we have created a blog series to help you ramp up on ModusToolbox quickly. More blogs will be added to this series on a regular basis. Here are two of them you can get started with:

(1) Session 1: Introduction to ModusToolbox 2.x

(2) Session 2: Introduction to Digital Peripherals in ModusToolbox

I created the blog posts just now, so you might have to wait for the video to get encoded and become available. But it should be ready for viewing in a couple of hours.

I hope you enjoy the content!

You can find all the code examples for ModusToolbox here: Cypress Semiconductor Corporation · GitHub