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Why Is CY15x104Qx Called Excelon LP F-RAM? – KBA221692


Why Is CY15x104Qx Called Excelon LP F-RAM? – KBA221692

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Translation - Japanese: CY15x104QxがExcelon LP F-RAMと呼ばれるのはなぜでしょうか? – KBA221692 - Community Translated (JA)

CY15x104Qx is part of Cypress’ new Excelon family F-RAM devices called Excelon LP (Excelon Low Power) F-RAM. Excelon LP F-RAMs support Deep-Power-Down mode, which gives an advantage of low-power mode with fast wake up. These devices also support an extremely low-power Hibernate mode, which further reduces the power consumption when in idle mode.

Many applications today power gate nonvolatile memories (EEPROMs in hearing aid, flash in portable medical devices, etc.) instead of using the Standby mode when the device is not in use. Putting Excelon LP F-RAM in low-power mode (Hibernate or Deep-Power-Down) can eliminate additional power gate circuits when the nonvolatile memory is idle.

In battery-backed applications such as hearing aid, wearable, and portable medical devices, idle power modes of Excelon LP F-RAM can help save significant amount of system power, and thus increase the battery life. The following table compares Excelon LP F-RAM with legacy SPI F-RAM in various power modes:




Legacy SPI FRAM (CY15B104Q-SXI)

Hibernate Current @ 25 ˚C

0.1 µA

3 µA (Sleep mode)

Hibernate Current @ 85 ˚C

1.6 µA

8 µA

Deep-Power-Down Current @ 25 ˚C

0.80 µA


Deep Power Down Current @ 85 ˚C

16 µA


Standby Current @ 25 ˚C

2.6 µA

100 µA

Standby Current @ 85 ˚C

70 µA

250 µA

Note: Features compared against the maximum density available in the product family.

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