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How to Use Battery Power Supply for CYBT-213043-MESH Kit - KBA228152


How to Use Battery Power Supply for CYBT-213043-MESH Kit - KBA228152

Author: ShenjiangL_01           Version: **

Translation - Japanese: CYBT-213043-MESH キットのバッテリー電源を使うにはどのようにしたらいいでしょうか- KBA228152- Community Translated (JA)

CYBT-213043-MESH kit supports battery power supply such as CR2032. In battery power supply mode, the MESH kit does not provide power to USB2 Serial Bridge (CY7C65215-32LTXI).  However, because there are connections between USB2 Serial Bridge and CYBT-213043-02 Module, there will be current leakage from the module to USB2 Serial Bridge. This current leakage causes a high current (in the order of a few mA) which will result in battery draining quickly, and making the MESH kit inoperable. To avoid this issue, you should cut off HCI UART and PUART when using battery power supply.


To cut off PUART:

In firmware, configure the four pins of PUART (P0, P1, P28, and P37) as input mode to avoid current leakage. In ModusToolbox 1.1, do the following:

  • Click the design.modus file to open Device Configurator, and disable PUART (see Figure 2):

          pastedImage_9.pngFigure 2

  • Change P00/P01/P28/P37 as GPIO with GPIO_INPUT_ENABLE | GPIO_PULL_UP_DOWN_NONE(see Figure 3) and save it:


Figure 3

  • Develop your own firmware code, build, and program to MESH kit.

To cut off HCI UART:

Put all pins of SW4 to OFF position (see Figure 1) after programming the firmware.

To select Battery Power Supply:

Short Pin 2 and 3 of J5 (See Figure 1) and insert a CR2032 battery to the MESH kit.

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