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Effect on Programming because of 'black' ISSP cable instead of 'yellow' ISSP cable

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Effect on Programming because of 'black' ISSP cable instead of 'yellow' ISSP cable

Question: The CY3655 Hardware User Guide document mentions a 'yellow' ISSP cable for programming purposes, but the CY3655 dev kit that I got has only a black ISSP cable. Could this cause issues while programming?


The yellow ISSP cable (and not the black ISSP cable) has to be used when programming enCoRe II devices on the applications board using the ICE cube. This cable has a pull down resistor of about 2K on the SDATA line and this is crucial for successful programming of enCoRe II devices. A few of the CY3655 kits were shipped with the black cables instead of the yellow. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused. Please create a case at and provide us with your shipping address. We?ll send you a yellow cable immediately afterward.
As a quick workaround you could also program your device using the Modular programmer in conjunction with the ICE cube using the blue Cat5 cable. Please see the KB article Programming encoreII devices using Cat5 Cable for details.
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