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CY3240-I2C-USB Bridge used to program PSoC device.

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CY3240-I2C-USB Bridge used to program PSoC device.

Question: Can I use the CY3240 I2C-USB Bridge to program a PSoC?



No, the CY3240 USBI2C Bridge is designed to test, tune and debug hardware and software of a PSoC application by bridging the USB port to I2C.  It cannot be used to program a PSoC.

To program the PSoC device please use Mini-Programmer CY3217 or the CY3207 ISSP Programmer. For debugging, please use the In-Circuit Emulator with CY3215-DK. You can also use the Miniprog 3 which can be used for programming PSoC1, PSoC 3/5 devices as well as an I2C USB Bridge.

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