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Nebula 2.0 Iot Design Board: Creating An Example Application With Cypress WICED Studio


Today, we’re going to unbox a Nebula board, and create an example app using Cypress’ software development environment, WICED Studio.


Included inside the box is the nebula board, a user guide and a micro USB cable. On-board we have the Type 1DX module which is a combo Wi-Fi Bluetooth radio from Murata, and houses the Cypress CYW4343W chipset. To program the board, we will use WICED studio 6.1.  WICED Studio is a full featured platform with turnkey hardware solutions and software development kits to enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity in a system design.


To develop an IoT application you need a few things to make the application runs smoothly. You need to consider the different technologies your system is using, an integrated environment that combines multiple technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Your system needs to support the necessary IoT protocols such as http, mqtt, restful web services and AMQP. You need an integrated environment that offers connectivity to leading cloud services such as amazon web services, IBM Bluemix, Alibaba cloud and Microsoft Azure. And most importantly you need the flexibility to work with popular MCU vendors such as Cypress, ST, NXP and Atmel. WICED Studio is the only platform that provides all of these features and enables ease of use.


Watch the video for details. For more information, and to order the Nebula board please visit us on or see your local future electronics representative.