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    ppcli question

      I'm having success using this software, but I don't understand the value the "GetPorts" command returns. What determines the value? Is it solely determined by the PSOC? From what I can tell it doesn't appear to be related to the silicon ID.


      Typically I'll get a value of  "KitProg/0E22154D00135400", but to use the OpenPort command I have to add a space and a period. I'm not sure why I have to do that either.  Any clarifications would be appreciated.


      The goal of this exercise is to automate programming of multiple devices, so its a key requirement to understand how this port stuff works.







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          GetPorts(svector OUT ports)

          This API returns a list of ports, one for each line.







          0 OK


          my @ports = $pp->GetPorts();

          Its not solely determined by the PSOC.


          OpenPort(string IN port, string IN homedir)

          This API opens the port. The port is one of the strings returned in GetPorts. homedir is the installation

          directory for PSoC Programmer. It contains the following files:

          ■ minifirmware.hex

          ■ cougar.vxd

          ■ badger.vxd

          ■ IceCubefirmware.fwm

          Note: Run the OpenPort command an additional time if you receive an error the first time.


          >OpenPort MINIProg1/068900863114 .


          0 OK