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    PSOC4-S CSX (mutual CAP) question

      PSOC4 S series and PSOC6 have CapSense module, which has both CSD and CSX.


      I am interested in the CSX now, I want to make it woks with CSD together.


      I read the document of PSOC4 S and PSOC6 (#002-10129 and #002-18176). From the description of CSX, I have the following understanding:


      (On the figure 32-11 in the page 404 of the DOC #002-18176, )


      1. One cross point (TX/RX) need support from both pins of Cmod-GPIO and Csh_tank-GPIO, the working way is very closed to CSD mode. Of course Cmod-GPIO and Csh_tank-GPIO could be re-used for different point;


      2. Meanwhile, the Mutual CAP sensor scan needs support from IDAC-A (LEG1) and IDAC-A (LEG2);


      The following will be my question about it


      If my mutual CAP sensor panel is N*M (like N of TX, M of RX), based on the above method, the whole mutual cap sensor panel scanning need to be repeated for N*M times. is it true?