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    WDT on CYBLE 02201

      I've found the Global Signal block and dropped it into top. I can't move past this point. I'm getting two errors just from moving the block into top. 




      Clock Error: (WDT interrupt generated by PSoC Creator will be overwritten by the 'isr_2' ISR handler of the 'GlobalSignal_1' component and the user will not be able to attach his functions to the individual WDT interrupts using callbacks. Either remove the component or change the interrupt generation option to 'Implementation by user').








      The fitter aborted due to errors, please address all errors and rebuild.




      I referenced [this](http://www.cypress.com/file/193966/download) example. It's Psoc, but I assumed it would give me a decent idea of how to use the api.




      What can I do to get this working?