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    PSOC 4000s bootloader with UART

      Hi all, I'm working with the PSOC 4000s and noticed an interesting comment in the Bootloader v1.5 component datasheet. A screenshot is attached.


      According to the table, supported IO interfaces for Bootloader component on PSOC 4000 is "Software Transmit UART only". UART is the primary physical comms interface on my hardware platform.


      Transmit-only component doesn't make sense to me, data should flow from Host computer/device to target PSOC device w/ Bootloader (i.e. UART Rx minimum). When building Bootloader component w/ SW Transmit UART component, PSOC Creator will complain as expected due to limited IO. However my bootloader project builds fine w/ a standard SCB UART component.


      Is UART a valid option w/ bootloader for PSOC 4000s? The goal is creating a single-application bootloader + 1 bootloadable image, to support in-the-field updates on bootloadable.



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          Yes, your understanding is correct. Bootloader requires Tx and Rx for working and could not use Software Transmit UART as communication interface. Mentioned table tabulates communication interface supported by different devices in general and will be different for PSoC 4000 and  PSoC 4000S devices. Agree, that table is confusing and will update accordingly.


          Are you facing any difficulties with UART based bootloader in PSoC 4000S?


          Geona Mary