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    Need help on AN66444


      I am trying to implement application note AN66444 in my project that require an accurate voltmeter.


      Following is the code segment from main.c downloaded with AN66444:-


           { ...................


          /*perform CDS*/
              iVcds = iVout1 - iVout2;
              /* IIR Filter*/
              iVcds_curr = iVcds;
              iVcds_acc += (iVcds_curr - iVcds_acc) >> 4;
          /*Display output in desired format on UART*/
          fVcds = ADC_DelSig_1_CountsTo_Volts(iVout1);


      The display routine is displaying "iVout1".


      I could not find any link between the "IIR routine" and the "display routine".


      Would greatly appreciate if someone can help me on how the IIR Filter is being used here ?