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    Error in UART(SCB Mode) Configuration in CY8C4247LQI-BL483 Microcontroller

      Hello  I'm Using Cypress  CY8C4247LQI-BL483 Microcontroller and trying to Configure Full UART : UART(SCB Mode)v3.0 in UART Configuration .


      After Building the Code : Following Errors Were occurred .


      ""Unable to find a valid placements for Pins and Fixed-Functional Blocks . See the Digital Placements’s  Detailed placement Messages Section in the report file for Details ""


      Compiler Suggested Following  Workaround .


      The placer is not able to place all of the carry chains without backtracking. It fills one UDB bank to 15/16 and the other to 7/8 and cannot place the final


      2-datapath chain. As a workaround, add a control file to the TopDesign component (in Workspace Explorer's Components tab) with the following lines: ATTRIBUTE


      placement_force OF \Timer_ADPActiveTime:TimerUDB:sT16:timerdp:u0\ : LABEL IS "U(2,0)";


      ATTRIBUTE placement_force OF \Timer_OutputPeriod:TimerUDB:sT24:timerdp:u0\ : LABEL IS "U(3,1)";


      ATTRIBUTE placement_force OF \Timer_OutputActiveTime:TimerUDB:sT24:timerdp:u0\ : LABEL IS "U(0,1)";


      This will fill the datapaths in the second UDB bank and allow the placer to assign the remaining datapaths.




      I Followed the Instruction and created a Control File  and added  above mentioned three  lines . : After Built Same Error were  Observed.


      Please Suggest me What Should I do . As I want to Use Both Tx and Rx Interrupt Enabled , With API Settable Baud Rate and Parity .