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    Creator "failed to reacquire device" - KitProg not showing up


      I just updated Creator 4.1. 


      The device on my CY8CKIT-042 Pioneer kit will not program.  The target shows as "CMSIS-DAP/248683 -->PSoC4200 CY8C4245AX*-483", protocol = SWD.  Prior to the update the target was the KitProg.  When I go to the device manager, the KitProg does not appear in the COM port section.


      Very disconcerting.  This was working perfectly yesterday before I updated Creator 4.1 and now it's not working at all.   


      I have just now uninstalled update 1 and re-installed Creator  The KitProg is still not showing up. 


      Any suggestions?