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    CY8C4247AZI-M485 pin assign problem




      I have just bought a CY8CKIT-044 PSoC 4 M-Series Pioneer Kit, because I wanted a board for a quick evaluation of a few Arduino shields. Currently I am trying to work with a DC motor driver made by STM, X-NUCLEO-IHM12A1, basically it contains two full-bridges for driving DC motors.


      The trouble is, pins P5.5 and P5.3 from PSoC are connected via the Arduino shield to the motor's drivers phase inputs for bridge A (and B). If I place the pins into the schematics and configure as output pins (strong drive or pull up/down), I get the following error during the build (for both of these pins):


      fit.M0006:Pin Error: (Function __ONE__.q cannot be reached from this pin).


      fit.M0056:Error in fixed placement for Pin_PHA(0): Function __ONE__.q cannot be reached from this pin


      Is there a limitation of usage for these pins? When I click on the errors, I can remap the pins in the Design Wide Resources > Pins, however, because of the fixed position of the Arduino connectors, I would prefer a way to use the P5.5 and P5.3 pins.


      Thank for any advice or help.