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    Reconfigure UART RX pin to GPIO after 10sec

      I need to reconfigure the PSOC4-BLE (CYBLE-214009 module) SCB UART RX pin on P14 from the UART to a generic GPIO.


      I have followed several threads but they're all reconfiguring the GPIOs in slightly different ways and I can't see how to do what I want.


      I have figured out I need to write some of the HSIOM registers and their definitions are in cyfitter.h.


      /* UART_rx */
      #define UART_rx__0__DR CYREG_GPIO_PRT1_DR
      #define UART_rx__0__DR_CLR CYREG_GPIO_PRT1_DR_CLR
      #define UART_rx__0__DR_INV CYREG_GPIO_PRT1_DR_INV
      #define UART_rx__0__DR_SET CYREG_GPIO_PRT1_DR_SET
      #define UART_rx__0__HSIOM CYREG_HSIOM_PORT_SEL1
      #define UART_rx__0__HSIOM_GPIO 0u
      #define UART_rx__0__HSIOM_I2C 14u
      #define UART_rx__0__HSIOM_I2C_SDA 14u
      #define UART_rx__0__HSIOM_MASK 0x000F0000u
      #define UART_rx__0__HSIOM_SHIFT 16u
      #define UART_rx__0__HSIOM_SPI 15u
      #define UART_rx__0__HSIOM_SPI_MOSI 15u
      #define UART_rx__0__HSIOM_UART 9u
      #define UART_rx__0__HSIOM_UART_RX 9u




      #define UART_rx__PC CYREG_GPIO_PRT1_PC
      #define UART_rx__PC2 CYREG_GPIO_PRT1_PC2
      #define UART_rx__PORT 1u
      #define UART_rx__PS CYREG_GPIO_PRT1_PS
      #define UART_rx__SHIFT 4u


      But which register do I need to write and what value do I need to set the GPIO back to using the DR regs for the output level?

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               Each port x has an associated HSIOM_PORT_SELx register to multiplex  the pin and connect to a particular peripheral selected by the user. Value 0 configure the pin to be regular firmware-controlled I/O.


          Suppose SCB UART Rx and Tx are routed to P1.4 and P1.5 respectively. Then, write 0 to the bits of HSIOM_PORT_SEL1 register corresponding to pins 4 and 5. Later you can set the drive mode to strong drive depending on application. Please find appended code snippet for reference.











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            Hi Gyan,


            Thanks for posting this, very helpful. I have an extension to this same problem and could use your help. My application requires disabling the UART Rx and Tx pins and using them as GPIO, same as the OP. 


            We also need to re-enable those pins for use by the UART, after being used as GPIO.  Is that possible? I'm having trouble getting it to work.


            Here's what I'm trying:


            Use as GPIO (for example):


                UART_tx_SetDriveMode(UART_tx_DM_DIG_HIZ); // Float Tx

                UART_rx_SetDriveMode(UART_rx_DM_STRONG); // Drive mode Rx

                UART_rx_Write(0); //Rx Low


            Use as UART:

                UART_rx_SetDriveMode(UART_rx_DM_DIG_HIZ); // Float Rx

                UART_tx_SetDriveMode(UART_tx_DM_STRONG); // Drive mode Tx