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    BlueScreen when transfer large files




      I've tried to transfer larger file (more than 100MB) over USB 3 using


      CyControlCenter C# "Data Transfers" Tab ("Transfer File" button)


      on Bulk out end point


      and FX3 with "USBBulkSourceSInkLED" sample loaded.




      When I try this operation on my "Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 32-bit"


      Intel i5 PC appears BlueScreen ..




      I open Visual Studio and I see source code associated to this button (rows 636 ... 649)




      FileStream file = new FileStream(fname, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read);


      flen = file.Length;


      file_bytes = (int)flen;


      //file_bytes = Convert.ToInt32(NumBytesBox.Text);


      file_buffer = new byte[file_bytes];


      file.Read(file_buffer, 0, file_bytes);




      //curEndpt.XferSize = Convert.ToInt32(NumBytesBox.Text);//


      curEndpt.XferSize = 16;//mf file_bytes;


      success = curEndpt.XferData(ref file_buffer, ref file_bytes);




      CyControlCenter open the whole file.


      Is there a way to transfer big files ?