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    Bootloadable_SetActiveApplication error

      I have a launcher-only dual-image bootloader and a combination application that it boots.  Within the combination application, I attempt to change the active image using Bootloadable_SetActiveApplication() call. The call fails. I traced the problem all the way to an SPC call failing within CySpcLoadRowFull(). I think the root of the problem is that SPC is not started, so calling CySpcStart() fixes the problem. I also tried calling CyFlash_Start() instead, but that one seems to hang in the while() loop.


      There is no mention of having to do something to initialize flash anywhere in the Bootloader/Bootloadable documentation. As a matter of fact, the CySpcStart() call is barely mentioned at all when I search the website.  I am using PSoC Creator 4.1 - did something change with regards to this?


      Anyway, I have a workaround, but I think this needs clarification and at least a documentation change.