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    Starting with BLE - Questions about IDs



      I'm starting with PSoC BLE now, got some kits, etc. I've some questions about the IDs used in a BLE system.

      1. Am I required to have a company ID assigned by SIG or can I use the Cypress company ID for products?
      3. The company ID in combination with a (preferrably) unique ID assigned by me is the 48-bit (24 + 24 bit) BLE MAC address, right?
      5. The UUID is independent from the BLE MAC address and is either 16-bit assigned by SIG for predefined characteristics, services etc. or 128-bit for custom service, etc. with 4A98xxxx-1CC4E7C1-C7571267-DD021E8, where 'xxxx' can be assigned by me?
      7. The UUID can be duplicate (e.g. in a totally different product), so to ensure that communication is established with the correct product, I've to check the BLE MAC address of the device, right?

      I Hope someone can help me to understand it right or can point me to the right documentation.