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    Cy_boot compatibility error

              Hi everyone, I have an issue while updating Cy_boot (v3.4) To the latest version in Creator 4.1. Already sent an email to Tech support but the only advice they told me was to copy and paste my email here... :/ So here it goes: Greetings, For one of my projects with a Cypress CY8CKIT-042, I was looking to integrate a touch TFT display. I saw this project example online and wanted to give it a try. (https://www.element14.com/community/message/86735/l/psoc-4-pioneer-kit-community-project073-tft-touchscreen-tic-tac-toe-game#86735) As stated on the project page, it was built using PSoC Creator 2.2 SP1. Because Creator 4.1 was already installed on my computer, I tried opened the project on this version directly; updated all the components but there seems to be a compatibility problem with cy_boot’s low frequency clock (cylfclk). In the PSoC® Creator™ PSoC 4 System Reference Guide cy_boot Component v5.60 Document Number: 002-19268 Rev. **, it states on page 9 that: “The cy_boot component version 5.0 and later is fully backward compatible with cy_boot version 4.20 (and previous versions). For PSoC 4 devices, the CyLFClk (low-frequency clock) APIs have been moved into separate files (CyLFClk.h/CyLFClk.c). See the CyLFClk Component Datasheet available from the System Reference Guides item of the PSoC Creator Help menu. Firmware projects created using PSoC Creator 3.1 will work with no issues in PSoC Creator 3.2 and later if the project.h file is referenced, regardless of the cy_boot update. However, if the project.h file is not included in the project being migrated, you must add a reference to the CyLFClk.h file in the project for the availability of CyLFClk APIs. If you choose not to update to cy_boot version 5.0 or later while migrating projects from PSoC Creator 3.1 to PSoC Creator 3.2 and later, CyLFClk.h/CyLFClk.c files will not be generated.” It didn’t solve my issue... There’s an error stating that CY_boot v3.4 is missing (even though the component is updated to 5.0) so I can’t even compile the project and try to debug anything. So I decided to uninstall Creator 4.1 and rollback to 2.2 SP1. Problem is, when the installation process gets to Bridge control panel, it fails due to the fact that there is supposedly a newer version installed on my computer… So I uninstalled everything Cypress or PSoC related on my computer (and even deleted anything left behind in the process manually in Windows Regedit. Still, Creator 2.2 fails to install for the same reasons… This said, I am now turn to you for some help to solve these issues. I already lost way to much time on this and sadly, my project is getting behind due to that… If there is a way to make this project work in Creator 4.1, this would be the best scenario! Else, how can I rollback to version 2.2 SP1? Sorry for the long email but a lot of details were necessary to correctly define my situation. Thanks for you time. Regards, -------- Anyone here know how to solve this issue? Thank you in advance! :)