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    Adding an extra module and my app stops working


      Im developing an app with CY8C27143
      It uses all 8 digital user modules
      I wanted to test adding a Comparator user module
      So I just added the Comparator and generated the code for that configuration and the app stops working.
      Trying to trace the fault I just unplaced the user module (Comparator) and regenerated configuration code, the app worked again.
      Then i  removed Comparator module totally and added a PGA UM (just for testing if analog side had a problem), generated code and same, app stops working!
      Then removed one of the digital user modules, removed referent code for that UM , leaving the PGA UM in schematic and generating configuration code. 
      App works again! 
      So adding a 9th user module seems to be the fault??
      Can anybody  help in what i´m doing wrong or how to trace the problem?


      Thanks in advance