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    What is "pair" in "handleValuePair"


      Would someone be kind enough to answer this, probably stupid, question?


      In the term "handleValuePair"  what exactly does "pair" refer to?  Pair means two of the same or similar items.  Does it mean two values or two things that refer to the value such as the actual value and the length?  But if so aren't there more than two things (actual length)?


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          handleValuePair is a single term referring to the process of grouping a handle "paired" with a value. The handle is an index value that referes to the location (handle) that the corresponding value is located at. Thus, it is more of a terminology for describing the structure/object. The handleValuePair should contain: a handle (index), a value (uint8 * ptr), and a value length (length of the uint8 * array). The value pointer and value length would be considered inherent when using arrays however, and thus the word "pair" in the naming of the type is merely to reinforce that the handle and value are paired together for use.

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            Thanks for a great explanation!  I really appreciate your response.