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    Best approach to program a PSoC without miniprog

      Hello everyone,


      I am wondering what is the best approach to program a PSoC5 without miniprog. I found different way to do it but I have several basic questions to choose the one which fit with my needs:


      -Using a bootloader USB-UART


      It means programming it once via a miniprog to put the bootloader, but can I use the same port USB to send data via USB-UART? There is no debug right?


      -Using cy7c68013A 


      I found the schematic in attachment. How does the cy7c68013A convert the USB to SWD? The I2C EEPROM is only to store the VID/PID of the USB? There is also no debug?  


      -Using an other PSoC5 as the Freesoc 2


      Do you have an idea of what is inside the second PSoC? A boatloader obviously, but how it allows to program and debug the other PSoC?




      Thank you very much