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    CPU on the Spansion SK-FM4-176L-S6E2CC-VOI


      Hello. We wish to bring to market a device based on the SK-FM4-176L-S6E2CC-VOI tool. Which CPU from Cypress offers these features?


      Some confusion.


      Spansion documentation referenced the device as S6E2CCAJGA being audio capable. So we brought in the Cypress Pioneer kit p/n FM4-176L-S6E2CC-ETH and the soldered CPU looks to be the same as the one on the original Spansion SK-FM4-176L-S6E2CC-VOI.


      However, our compiled code (with VOI) runs fine on the original Spansion SK-FM4-176L-S6E2CC-VOI but not on the -ETH by Cypress.


      1) Which CPU and tool from Cypress will allow us to continue our R&D effort and to market for our Voice IP?


      2) Is there a hardware different inside the CPU used on the -VOI tool vs. -ETH tool?


      See what appears to be the same CPU here:




      Hoping that Cypress did not acquire Spansion and then kill off this device.