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    HID over I²C (with 12 key encoder)

      Keyboard encoder/decoder to HID over I²C 


      I have a 12 key keypad that I plan to use in a Windows 10 system I am building. Well, building 255 of them for now and more later so the inexpensive CY8CKIT-049-42xx kit I think will work best for me. Plus with the USB to UART part removed, it fits nicely on the back of the keypad if I line up the input pins of the PSoC. I figure on taking in the 8 pins and logically assigning them to a value (IF row_1 AND col_1 THEN output "1") so if we need to rearrange keys, say phone layout to calculator, we can just change the assignments. 


      Can you point me to examples of using I2C to put out data in such a way? I will be connecting to the I2C of an Up board which has near identical GPIO as the Raspberry Pi-3.