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    How to copy a former project (or workspace) and rename for new design

      I am starting up a new project and need to be able to copy a former project and make changes to it and rename and save as a completely new project (even workspace).  I can't take the chance of altering the old project in any way as well.


      On other platforms I have simply copied the whole design (ie project folder and all subtending folders) and renamed the main folder and started modifying the new design.  Of course with Psoc Creator 4.0, you can't do that.


      To make the challenge even tougher, I am trying to do this with a design that has two projects in the workspace (ie an Uart_bootloader and a bootloadable project, similar to the example bootloadable blinking led, actually using the Cy8ckit-049-4200).  I need to just be able to copy whole workspace some way and then reinsert into a new workspace where I can modify as a type of new revision if you will.


      There must be a way of doing this.  I don't know if there is a trick to archiving and then restoring with a new workspace and/or name but I really need a method (even if it several steps) of doing this.  I work in a single workstation environment and don't want to complicate things with GITHUB at this point.