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    PSoC Creator 4.1: Code editor / AutoComplete feature not showing all contens



      Currently I'm on a small CapSense project on a CY8CKIT-059 (PSoC 5LP). I want to transmit the raw data and baseline data values to PC. For the raw data value, there's an API function 'CapSense_CSD_ReadSensorRaw()', which get's the sensor number as parameter and returns the raw data.


      In the project auto generated CapSense_CSD.h file, there's a definition 'CapSense_CSD_SENSOR_BUTTON0__BTN', which I think is the corresponding parameter value to read out the raw data. This definition doesn't show up in the AutoComplete list. If I input this manually (copy & paste) as parameter to ReadSensorRaw() function, it's accepted. So I think the AutoComplete list doesn't get all definition, etc. Not a big issue, but...


      Anyone can verify this behavior? I don't know if other components are affected also.