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    Configuring the Power Amplifier to different modes

      Device: CyBle - 224116-01


      Hello Guys,


      The datasheet mentions that in order to turn the PA/LNA ON we need to write these set of instructions..


      /* Enable the Skyworks SE2438T PA/LNA */
          /* Configure the Link Layer to automatically switch PA control pin P3[2] and LNA control pin P3[3] */
          CY_SET_XTND_REG32((void CYFAR *)(CYREG_BLE_BLESS_RF_CONFIG), 0x0331);
          CY_SET_XTND_REG32((void CYFAR *)(CYREG_SRSS_TST_DDFT_CTRL), 0x80000302);


      What happens when we configure the link layer(what happens when we write 0x0331 to that register location)?


      Do we need to change the parameter 0x0331 when we want to turn the PA/LNA off (or switching to any other mode)?