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    Multiple pins configurations


      I have two boards intended to host the same design. One of them is the true target board, the other is a FreeSoc2 for modelling purposes. Since the FreeSoc2 does not route all the TQFP100 pins and I would like to use the physically close pins of a single port (which implies port1) on the target board, I'd like to have two pins configurations in the same project, selectable during deployment. Is it possible do do it in Creator 4.1?

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          This is why they call it hardware. It is hard to do ;-)


          Configuration "selectable during deployment" If that means after programming the PSoC you will need to find out (there is a 500 page TRM) and program the registers responsible for routing when your application runs. Usually a job Creator performs for you.


          Another choice would be to use the bootloader selecting between two different projects.


          When the selection you want to make is before programming the PSoC you may use the simple scheme to enable / disable components or even completely disable topdesign sheets.





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            I don't want to dynamically reconfigure the chip, I'd just like to have multiple build configurations in the "Design Wide Resources" section with configuration-specific pin mappings and manually select the appropriate configuration before compilation. The design doesn't need to have the ability to discover what is the target. And then let Creator compile my project according to the selected configuration as it usually does.

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              Heh, it seems that Creator allows me to add another "Design Wide Resources" item, but it wants to overwrite the existing one. And here's the problem: I'd like to have two different instances and switch between them, which is currently not possible. Any workaround?

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                Use three sheets for your topdesign: one general and two for the I/O pins.


                Selecting the wanted configuration is done by disabling the appropriate sheet.





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