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    Si70xx Series Temp/Humidity Sensors


      Has anyone had any success using the SI Labs Temperature and Humidity Sensors?


      I am unable to read the sensor reliably.  There is a CRC check function that is validating the 1st, 3rd and 5th reads when I have a CyDelay(1), but nothing else.  Without the delay (as shown below) the first read is valid, but no others.  I have tried changing the delays up to 1000 with no difference.


      float SI7013_readHumidity(void)
      //Request a humidity reading
          I2C_1_I2CMasterSendStart(SI7013_ADDRESS, I2C_WRITE);
          I2C_1_I2CMasterWriteByte(MEASURE_RH_NOHOLD);             // Register to write at.
      //Hang out while measurement is taken.
      uint8 msb, lsb, checksum;
          I2C_1_I2CMasterSendStart(SI7013_ADDRESS, I2C_READ);
      msb      = I2C_1_I2CMasterReadByte(I2C_1_I2C_ACK_DATA);
      lsb      = I2C_1_I2CMasterReadByte(I2C_1_I2C_ACK_DATA);
      checksum = I2C_1_I2CMasterReadByte(I2C_1_I2C_ACK_DATA);
      uint16 rawHumidity = ((unsigned int) msb << 8) | (unsigned int) lsb;
      if(SI7013_check_crc(rawHumidity, checksum) != 0) return(999); //Error out
      //sensorStatus = rawHumidity & 0x0003; //Grab only the right two bits
      rawHumidity &= 0xFFFC; //Zero out the status bits but keep them in place
      //Given the raw humidity data, calculate the actual relative humidity
      float tempRH = rawHumidity / (float)65536; //2^16 = 65536
      float rh = -6 + (125 * tempRH); //From page 14


      I am hoping that I am just doing something stupid here.


      Parts are on a custom PCB.  I2C traces are VERY close to matched.  I am using the original library on an arduino connected to the sensor via a cable and it works fine.  So it isn't the sensor.


      I have attached the Project.  I am using Creator 4.1 Update 1.