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    Not able to scan BLE mac starting with 12:3B:6A


      Hi All,


      I am using BLE device CYBLE-212019 and i am scanning continuously for beacons. I am seeing strange behavior. I am able to see all type of beacons around me but BLE beacons starting with MAC 12:3B:6A are not seen. CY5677 CySmart BLE 4.2 USB Dongle is able to scan and find that device. Is there any filter setting which i need to disable. Scan settings are "Discover Procedure" General, Scanning State "Active" and Filter Policy is "ALL". Am I am missing any filter settings? Any suggestion will be helpful.





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          Unfortunately, that MAC OUI isn't listed to a particular company :(


          Could there be code running that is filtering the results in your application? The component settings sound perfectly fine to me. But, it is possible to write application code on the device that filters/modifies the BLE stack processing/results.

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            Hi Mritunjay ,


            Can you please check what is the Discovery mode of the peripheral with address 12:3B:6A.... ?

            If the discovery mode could be limited / non-discoverable (Broadcasting) . In that case if your Central have to receive the adv packet from that peripheral, central should do observation procedure.

            For that please add the below code in your central project before start scan API.