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    CySmart Whitelist Not Working

      I'm trying to use CySmart to scan for advertising packets from one particular device. I have a lot of BLE devices within range of my CySmart dongle so I am seeing a lot of devices. I tried to set up the whitelist in CySmart because I thought that would make it so the CySmart software would not clutter my screen (and logs) with other advertising packets. However, it does not seem to be working because I am still seeing advertising packets from devices that are not in the whitelist. Am I misunderstanding what the whitelist does? Or am I configuring it wrong?




      Here is a link to the my "Scan Parameters" configuration of my "Master Configuration page: https://snag.gy/dyGzNO.jpg


      Here is a link to my main CySmart page while scanning. You can see that the 'Find Me Target' device is in my whitelist, but more than just that device are showing up in the "Discovered devices" section: https://snag.gy/blSr7M.jpg


      Sometimes a lot more than just 1 other device shows up in my Discovered Devices section.


      I've attached those two screenshots to this post.