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    1 slider for 2 separate dimmers

      Hello All, Greetings.


               I want to configure 2 CapSense Buttons & 1 slider such that, 2 buttons control the ON/OFF of the 2 fans respectively & the 1 single slider enables the speed management for both the fans. If BTN1 is Touched ON & slider is operated the 1st Fan speed changes & if BTN2 is ON & slider is operated the 2nd Fan speed changes.


              The most recent BTN_ON has the control for slider. While doing so I don't want to loose the slider state for the other Fan i.e. it should continue to run to its last state while most recent BTN is changing the slider for its speed change.


              Obviously there are 4 components - CapSense, PWM (for Triac triggering), Clock (for PWM component) & the Digital Pin (for the output).


              Please guide me on how should I proceed on it.


      Thanks in advance.