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    Simple Capacitive Switch with LEDs


      Hi All,


      I bought the CY8CKIT-040 PSoC 4000 pioneer kit about a year ago and it worked great for a project i needed it for back then, problem is i have forgotten most things i learned about it.


      I am using PSoC Creater 4.1 and i would love a little help or advice from someone so i can get my head back around it.


      I have a simple two track Capacitive switch. It has a center electrode and then a outside trace that is the ground.


      I know how to change the pin so it reads the single electrode but i have no idea or understanding how to make the pin next to it perform as the ground pin for this switch.


      Also i need to hook up one or two LEDs and what i would like to happen is for the controller to have the capacitive switch and leds plugged in and when the button is pushed/sensed for it to simply turn on the leds while it is being pushed.


      I would of loved to of done a proximity sensor as well to light up a seperate LED for backlighting when a hand went near it but i dont think i have the time or skills to implement that as well.


      I would appreciate any advice that could be given as i am a bit of a noob with this stuff.


      Kind regards,