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    Power Consumption of PRoC EZ-BLE in Scanning Mode

      The datasheet on both PSoC and PRoC only state power consumption related to advertising frequency and connection period. I wonder what if I put a PRoC into the "Observer role" with "Duplicate filtering" unchecked and the Scanning state is set to "Passive" without a timeout, what would be the average power consumption in this mode? The followings are parameters that may effect the average power consumption:


      1. MCU will be in deepsleep mode all the time


      2. MCU will run at 12MHz


      3. When CYBLE_EVT_GAPC_SCAN_PROGRESS_RESULT occurs, it simply looks at a couple bytes of the data and do nothing


      4. Assuming there are about 100 advertising packets floating around every minute.


      Thanks so much in advance. I really appreciate for your help.

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          There is no specific calculation for Scan mode. We can suggest the way to reduce the power consumption during Scanning. You may have to make sure that the scanning window is less than the scan interval. Because, the Central will listen to adv packets during scan window. So if you reduce scan window and have to less than scan interval, then you can save some amount of power.