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    CAN Basic mailbox

      I have configured the three RX basic mailbox for which I am assigning the CAN ID (Extended ID)through code and trying to capture the data coming with these  IDs in the CAN interrupt(CAN_ReceiveMsg()). It is storing some unknown data which is not at all on the bus. Also, observation is the IDs of the mailbox is getting change sometimes. Different from the ID which has been set through the code. It is taking some other CAN ID which CAN is receiving periodically on the bus.




      Why it is storing unknown/junk data which is not at all on the bus from the desired basic mailbox ? 


      Is basic Rx mailbox can change it's ID by its own based on the messages coming on the bus?


      Is using three basic mailbox is good way of design to capture data with three different extended CAN IDs and capturing data with these three IDs using ID filter in the interrupt?




      Please respond.





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          Hi Aditya,


          Could you please attach your project here?


          In case of basic mailbox, the filter for incoming ID is not set in the component.


          It will accept all the IDs incoming.


          Please share your project here, I will have a look at it.