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    Linux Interrupt Mode

      Host Processor: Atom 1.46Ghz E3815


      OS: XUBUNTU 16.04


      IDE: QT


      USB Device: ez-usb FX3


      I am using a modified version of the  Cypress provided GUI, with an added tab to handle Interrupt USB data transfers.  All message traffic is in a separate thread from the GUI.


      My message size is about 100 bytes. Each message has the time it was sent and the time it was received is recorded (the Host to FX3 times are sent back to the Host)


      Time on both sides are synced.


      My question is about message time.


        Host to FX3 transfer time is aprox. 200usec


        FX3 to Host is 600usec.


      These times especially the FX3 to Host seems long.


      Has anybody done this type of timing?


      Are these times out of line?


      Trying to determine if I need to dive in and start dissecting the lsusb driver and/or the cyusb lib.