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    Using the Sony IMX304 with the CX3


      We are struggling to get the Sony IMX304 to work correctly with the CX3. The basic problem may be that it is simply too fast / too high resolution to be handled by the MIPI interface, but it is also possible that we just aren't setting things correctly! The output of the 304 is a 4 or 8 line LVDS at 594MHz per channel and we use the Lattice XO2 application to convert this to 4 lane MIPI. Unfortunately, the calculation module in the CX3 firmware always gives some invalid figures when we insert the desired frequencies etc. Can you advise if this is a hopeless case, or if there is a way to get it to work?





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          Hi Terry,


          Can you let us know the resolution,byte per pixel and frame rate of the video you are streaming. Is the data streaming rate (resolution*frame rate*byte per pixel) greater than 2.4 Gbps?


          The maximum data rate supported by CX3 is 2.4 Gbps. If you are streaming higher than this data rate, you need to use a FPGA in between to provide buffering and throttle the data rate.

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            Hello Terry,




            Can you please attach the MIPI CSI configuration tool screenshot here? The video data may not stream if the MIPI bridge configuration is incorrect. Are you seeing any MIPI related error?