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    Getting proximtiy detection similar to PSoC4

      I want to use the PSOC 5 for proximity detection in a way like the simple demo of PSOC4 allows. But I get not similar results in detecting proximity on a single wire with PSOC5.


      I tried to keep it as similar as possible but with Auto (SmartSense) I have no success at all. When using CapSense_CSD with TuningMethod=None I at least get proximity detection through cable isolation so maybe a bit better than pure button but not near any proximity detection.


      Is the PSOC 5 architecture worse than PSOC 4 for this kind of task?

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          Hi Thomas,




          PSOC4 Capsense is an incremental improvement over the PSOC5LP Capsense due to which there will be difference in the proximity sensing range.


          You can mitigate the noise by using a ground loop surrounding the proximity loop on the PCB.




          Any specific reason you are considering using PSOC5LP over PSOC4?







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            Thank you for this information. I found some ways to get a bit improvement, but not in the range I liked to achieve. So I understand that PSOC4 would be the better solution for me.


            The proximity detection is based on single wire, so I have no way to shield on  PCB to improve range.


            The reason to prefer PSOC5 over PSOC4 is the fact that the CY8CKIT-059 provides all I need without extra effort. I use this in a "mobile" application witch supplies the kit using USB Powerbank as cheap of-the-shelf solution.