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    About the USB2.0 Device(cyusb2014)compliance test

      I used the EHSETT tool to test the usb2.0 device(cyusb2014)compliance , When I teste the Device Receiver Sensitivity ,I could not get the correct result.


      First I setted the device to SE0_NAK mode, And than used the Signal generator to send IN pakcet to the device,


      But The USB2.0 Device can not return the NAK packet .


      I am sure that the device connections and corresponding steps are correct ,because other usb2.0 device was correct .


      Why the device could not return the NAK when received the IN packet in SE0_NAK mode ?


      And can you provide me the cyusb2014 compliance test report ?

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          Hi Liu,


          The latest version of the EHSETT tool sets the device address to 0x02 during SE0_NAK test. Whereas, the older version sets the device address to 0x01.

          Now, the Data generator sends the packets addressed to 0x01.

          As, the device address is 0x02, device does not respond with NAK.


          In the FX3 SDK library, I have changed the device address to 0x01 when the new version of the tool sends SE0_NAK SET_FEATURE request. Now, the device will respond with NAK to the packets coming from the data generator.


          I have attached the modified library. Please replace the existing libcyfxapi.a file in FX3 SDK (C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\EZ-USB FX3 SDK\1.3\fw_lib\1_3_3\fx3_release) with the attached file.

          After this, you can build any of the example projects in Release mode and load it to FX3 EEPROM. The device will pass the Receiver sensitivity test.