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    Regarding Streamer data Saving to Pc




                      I am using Cypress Streamer which has Save to Disk Option  in it.End points are detecting successfully


      data is is also transmitting from our own Customized Board we are getting the data also thanks to Cypress Employees who made us successful in establishing the path between board an pc .one thing we are transferring test pattern of checker_board  . when we will save the data to to pc 


      the data is not as like the checker_board it's looking like as the attachment which i uploaded below .bout when we will select data transfer in their it is showing bunch of Zero's and bunch of FF's but when we will run the streamer and saved in pc its displaying like the attachment  . can any one help me to  sort out this problem

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          - Can you please check if the data is received on the Control Center?

          - Also, please help us understand what is the data being sent and what is the data being received?


          Best regards,

          Srinath S

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            stremer data.pngsending data is checkerboard  data  as shown below . but when we will write to a file in pc  throgh streamer the data lools like another image  that is full sdaded how can  i solve this problem  can any one help me pattern.png

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              - Can you please let us know how do you transfer data to the host PC?

              - Have you downloaded your own custom firmware into the device?

              - How do you verify that the data transfer is proper? Do you use Control Center?

              - I understand that you are using the alternate setting 0. Please correct me if I am wrong.

              - Also, in the source code that was shared to you by the Cypress employee (MADY), the file is saved as a .txt file. Do you save the file in .raw format. If so, what viewer do you use to view the .raw file?


              Also, I experimented a test case. I downloaded the CyStreamer firmware into the FX2LP device. I initialized the EP2 buffers with alternate 00's and FF's. Then, I executed the Streamer firmware choosing the Alternate Setting 0 (BULK_IN endpoint). I saved the file in .txt format. The output file was found to be alright comprising of alternate 00's and FF's. Please find the attachment.


              Best regards,

              Srinath S

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                Hi Srinath,


                Thank you for your time and Support.


                -> We are transferring data from FPGA (Xilinx Zynq family)->Cypress FX3 ->streamer with the help of control center-> host PC.

                -> Yes download the slavefifo firmware into device.

                ->Yes checked the data in FPGA , the data is coming correctly to FX3, and control center.

                -> Yes we are using alternate setting 0 .

                ->yes, we are using source code which is shared by cypress employee(MADY) and file is saved in .txt format and  we are saving the file in .raw format. We are using Irfanview to view the .raw file.


                I have some questions, Please suggest me.

                -> How streamer write the data into the file ?

                      means for above question, it will write whole data in single line or line by line. If it is line by line means after completing a single line it will come to next line first position to last position ? or next line last position to first position? and again next line first position to last position and so on.


                And also how i to write some fixed number of values in single line.For example: we are using 752X480 resolution for one image and i want write 752 bytes(pixel value) in one line like that 480 lines to complete one image.


                Please suggest me regard above doubts , it is great helpful.


                Thanks and Best Regards


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                  Hello Veerendra,


                  In the source code, you could see the statement "objWriter.WriteLine(res)", which is responsible for writing the data line by line. When writing a new line, the data starts from the next line first position. But as you see the source code, the entire block of data is copied into the text file at one go. So, the entire file is written in one stretch.


                  Best regards,

                  Srinath S

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                    streamer1.pngstreamer.pnghello ,Srinath S

                                             thanks for giving your valuable time and patience

                    actually i am writing the data to file but what i given as input that file is not exactly coming  out from the streamer that is the reason

                    what i did is correct  or not i am not getting if writing entire data to file will make any changes to data ??if it is?? can u explain me the best way to write data to a file continuously so i cam get the correct format of the imaged data

                    as you  mentioned object writer writes line by line only but in the streamer i modified code  i used the file stream to write data to file  the code is attached below u can checkout .i hope you may help me to sort out of this problem.

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                      hi srinath

                                        thanks for suggesting me now i am getting the data  correctly but data type is getting change  and  the C# streamer which has save to disc option in that ,that streamer only we are using in that data is saving in Decimal format .

                      for ex:if input pattern is 0123456789ABCDEF and the streamer is writing the data to file as 123456789101112131415 i.e equivalent decimal values .so our goal is to write the data in the hexadecimal format only .can u suggest me wt i have to do and where i have to change the data type to remain the data in the hexadecimal only .i have attached the screen shot of data displayed in the control center and the data saved in the file  you can verify .it will helpfull to me if send the streamer code which you are using .img_2.pngStreamer_data.png

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                        Hello Veerendra,


                        I find that your problem is because of the following statement missing in the application source code. Please correct the same.


                        string hex = BitConverter.ToString(temp1).Replace("-", string.Empty);


                        Please find the attached file in which the data is displayed in the hexadecimal format.


                        Best regards,

                        Srinath S