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    Best way to manage changes to a project?


      I am looking for the best way to track changes / undo bulk changes / revert to an earlier version in PSoC Creator.    I don't see a change log or something of that nature in the Creator prog.  I like save copies of my code incrementally in other tools,  save "datafoo.0627.410p.c"  for those days I go way down the wrong road, and need to back out some stuff.   Can you point me to some training or a section in the help pages? 


      I am currently tracking my changes in a separate text document.  I am hoping there is a easier way.


      4:10pm edited main.c
      210           if(ADC_SAR_1_IsEndConversion(ADC_SAR_1_RETURN_STATUS)) 


      4:20pm edited main.c
      210           if(ADC_SAR_2_IsEndConversion(ADC_SAR_2_RETURN_STATUS))


      OOPS, copied previous line, and did not change ADC #